Welcome to the Tivolution

“Welcome to the Tivolution” is what the registration guy said to me as he helped me get my TIVO account set up. Costco featured a sweet rebate and that was all it took to pitch me over to the wired side.

I’m tickled that we won’t have to watch commercials anymore. I’m delighted that I can catch shows that normally I would never have known were on (Already listed is ‘Hawaii’s Top Ten Beaches’ which is guaranteed to make me rail about the unfairness of my life). But I will admit to you here that when I test drove Deanna’s system I was entirely won by the little blip and bwoop sounds that the system makes. That sealed the deal. I did not one moment of research on DVR as a reasonable option — no bwoops to speak of.

The punch line is that tonight I watched ‘Moulin Rouge’ on DVD and now we’re watching ‘The Fellowship of the Ring,’ also on DVD.

But tomorrow when I get home from work I’m going to get to boogie with Ellen. PS — I know that makes me un-hip.

Actually, I’ve embraced un-hip totally. And not in an ironic way. In a straightforward way. When I moved to Manhattan I knew making that decision would a) save my sanity and b) make me happy. It saves my sanity because I cannot compete and win on this field. I’m surrounded by people who will spend more money and time than I ever would to stay right on the leading edge of current. I, on the other hand, will not even wax. As for being happy… I live in a city that other people save up their precious cash and vacation time to see. I get to see it every day. I’m going to go ahead and be impressed and tickled by all of it. I will gawk every time I see the lit-up Empire State Building wreathed in mist. I’ll take in every billboard on Times Square (at least I will step to the side rather than do the traditional tourist sidewalk dead stop) and I will get on tip toe to see if I can tell who’s in the TRL studio. When I pass a celebrity in the street I will excitedly tell the next five people I see. All of these things are hopelessly uncool. But I enjoy them so much. Maybe it’s a function of being securely in my mid thirties — I’ve passed the age where I can claim that kind of prestige (unless I’m George Clooney, and I’m not) so I’m readjusting. If that’s what it is, that’s fine too.

Tomorrow I have a huge and important meeting at work, at which a lot will ride on my performance. Wish me luck.


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  1. Knock ’em dead, Ms. Thang!


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