It’s the second day in a row that I’ve woken up and Damon has been gone. It’s not a bad thing, in that I do know that when he leaves he tells me where he’s going. But about half the time I wake up and it takes me about half an hour to remember that he did that, and the other half of the time I can’t remember at all. It’s disorienting. I actually love that sleep communication, waking up with vague snippets of exchanges we may or may not have had. Last night I laid in bed in my clothes talking to my friend Sarah until I couldn’t go one more second. My memories of saying goodbye are pretty fuzzy. Just a little bit do I remember Damon coming into the bedroom and laughing because I was dead asleep, fully dressed with the phone receiver in my hand. One thing you can count on, if I go to sleep with earrings in my ears it means that I was wiped out.

Since I am unsupervised this morning I’m sitting on the couch watching old X Files, still in the clothes I worked in and slept in yesterday. I have not brushed my hair or teeth. I’m wondering if I ordered Chinese food whether I could get the delivery guy to just leave it outside the door. I hate ordering when Damon isn’t here to talk to the strangers. But I’m also feeling lazy and I don’t wish to cook.

Speaking of lazy, couch-riding behavior… I’m starting to hear the siren song of TIVO. Anyone have it? Love it? Hate it? Or at least think it probably wasn’t worth it? Do they sell them at Costco? Because if had TIVO I could watch non-stop Crocodile Hunter.


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