This afternoon I was eating shrimp skewers in the Canyon Ranch test kitchen. This evening I was cleaning cat barf out of the bathtub.

I’m happy to be home. I missed Damon and the cats too, even though they’re barfy.

Did I mention in a previous post the itty bitty teeny tiny airplane I flew up on? The emergency exit was IN THE ROOF. So Liz (one of my fellow editors) and I, being the two fliers, requested that we not be made to honor our reservations on the flying death bucket for our return. So we shared a limo with another editor and had a lovely, girly ride back together.

So now I’m fast and furious trying to plow through emails and put together a big content feed. I’m managing so far to cling to the meditation, breathing and mantras I learned over the past week so as not to allow my shoulders to creep up over my ears.


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