Letter Challenge

TravelLight told me to list 10 things that start with the letter R.

1. Remoulade: We’re going to New Orleans in August and I plan on eating more than my fair share.

2. Rats: I think they get a bum deal. They’re just furry little mammals like gerbils or hamsters. I don’t want them in my house, but I don’t mind them on the subway.

3. Rogers & Hammerstein: I can’t get enough of The Sound of Music

4. Rice Cooker: Mine makes my life so so happy.

5. Rabbits! Rabbits! Rabbits!: The funniest part of one of the funniest tv shows I’ve ever seen, the British series Spaced.

6. Rome: One of the first international cities I visited. That summer kicked off the tradtional of travel my father and I continue to this day.

7. Rini: My grandma’s maiden name.

8. Random: The quality I embrace every day.

9. Rockefeller Center: I was lucky enough to work right on the center for a year and it made me feel continually grateful to live in New York.

10. Rutherford, Edward: He wrote one of my favorite books, Sarum.

If you’d like a letter, just let me know.


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