Three weekends ago I was in San Jose.
Two weekends ago I was in Louisville.
One weekend ago I was in New Orleans.

Today I am in my pajamas on my couch, and here I shall stay.

All three of those trips were great, and well worth the time and money invested. And yet I feared that my neighbors were going to call the cops when they saw me going in my front door, as they’d think a stranger was breaking into Damon’s apartment.

It’s not even noon and I’ve gotten a nice batch of practical stuff done. Blah blah blah home study, blah blah blah computer cleanup, blah blah blah emails answered. Now it’s time to be decadent.

At our work cafe, they sell chocolate cupcakes filled with Nutella or Fluff. I am sad to report I have no such thing here. So I will likely settle for as much spaghetti as I can stuff into my face. I’ll do that while watching movies. Everything Is Illuminated is on deck. And then I’m going to paint my toenails purple. Perhaps afterward I will give myself a facial. By that time Damon will be headed home from work and maybe I can beg him into bringing me a cupcake.

On the nightstand: The Phrase That Launched 1,000 Ships by Nigel Rees


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