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I FINALLY finished the Lord of the Rings trilogy. It suffered many de-railings as I read childbirth books and parenting magazines. But we crossed the finish line this past weekend. I’m making it sound like more of a slog than it was. I’m not one of those who worships at the alter of Tolkien, but I can recognize the genius and I did enjoy the storytelling.


I picked up Overnight from the library the other day. I can’t say whether I loved it because it’s so nice to see someone who so richly deserves it just take it in the teeth or I hated it because I was forced to spend some of my time in the company of that tool they were profiling. I can’t remember his name, since he’s a total nobody. I’ve known lots of artists and lots of “artists” in my time and he exemplified so many of their most detestable personality traits all rolled up in one guy.

I’m trying to come up with something to say about television and/or music right now, but no strong feelings are rising to the surface. I feel like I missed the window to comment on the Lost finale and go dig into the watermelon I know is sitting in the kitchen.


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