We have snuck back into our apartment.

It’s been almost six weeks since we moved out due to the mold incursion. We’ve been placed in perfectly acceptable temporary housing. But it was becoming less acceptable every day. Finally the Want To Go Home urge became too big to ignore.

A few weeks ago we passed the environmental inspection. So we are no longer the proud owners of a Superfund site. But now that everything has been cleared the insurance companies have gone back to fighting over who will pay for what on the rebuild. And our apartment has been sitting untouched for two weeks tomorrow.

Yesterday we came up to our neighborhood for Halloween, and I simply let myself into our place and refused to leave. We’re still here. There’s no shower or sink in the bathroom. Everything is covered in plastic. Five rooms’ worth of stuff is crammed into three. But I slept in my own bed last night. Not only is my plan now to continue to refuse to leave until the workers actually show up, but Damon went to the temporary place this morning and got Zoe and brought her home to me.

So now we know how long I can tolerate being shut out of my home — six weeks.

More news will be coming soon. Damon’s mom is on the bus right now, she’ll be visiting us from Kentucky for one week. And yesterday I bought us Amtrak tickets for three weeks in Florida. It’s a 24-hour train trip. I got us a “roomette.” It’s pretty heavy on the “ette” factor, but I think we’ll have fun. I hope.


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