It didn’t take long.

I have a nursing pillow with a twee name, but it works very well. It’s nice and firm and keeps Alden up where I need him.

About a week ago he spit up or peed or had some other sort of biohazard accident (who can keep track?) on his pillow, so I had to pull off the cover and throw it in the wash. In the meantime, I was making do with a fluffy bed pillow. I swear I saw his little baby eyes light up when I laid him on such a soft and feathery spot.

Now when I nurse him I do what I always did, which is sit him up to burp him when he’s finished. But now, when I sit him up, he does this little grunt-and-back-arch combo. That leads me to recline him back about an inch, as I fear I’m folding him over uncomfortably far. He’ll take that for a moment, and then he’ll archarcharch again. So I give him another inch. After a few rounds his head and shoulders will touch the bed pillow, at which point he will fall instantly and bonelessly asleep. He looks so blissful that I’ll usually give in and spend 15 minutes holding him like that before I pop him back on the mattress.

He’s still nursing frequently, so I make sure to use lanolin after each feeding. Sometimes shortly after he’ll decide he wasn’t really finished and would like more milk. So I pop him back on and let him keep eating. Then when he’s done the bottom half of his face will be shiny with lanolin and he looks like a tiny fat man who just ate an entire pizza.

Kid cracks me up.

We’re trying to get out to the pumpkin patch, but it’s raining. We can take a little of that because it’s warm-ish. But not a lot. I’ve made the terrible mistake of letting Damon go out to get discs for the video camera. Which means we may not get a chance to go anyway because he might not come back until after it’s over. Damon, bless his heart, has a poor sense of time.


14 responses to this post.

  1. Alden has your number!


  2. Alden has your number!


  3. Alden has your number!


  4. Alden has your number!


  5. Alden has your number!


  6. Alden has your number!


  7. Alden has your number!


  8. They learn that reeeeeeal early.


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