Tomorrow we will make our first attempt to go out (all three of us) for a non-essential trip. We’ve been to the pediatrician and to run a few close errands, but that’s it. But our building is sponsoring a pumpkin patch at a nearby park and we’re going to wrap Alden up like an Eskimo and walk down. Damon even hiked it all the way up to Inwood this afternoon to get the stroller. We had counted on getting by with our slings, but baby has decided he hates the newborn slings because he prefers to stretch wide and long. Unfortunately (for him and for us) we can’t use the other slings or holds yet because he can’t hold his big bowling-ball head up yet. So, we’ll dress warm and wheel on over. It may sound like more hassle than it’s worth but a) I haven’t been out in days except to run down the block for a new camera battery b) I’m inspired by everyone else’s fall festivities and c) FREE CUPCAKES!


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