A Decision (Maybe)

The old house in undeniably more beautiful, and the neighborhood is better. But I just fished a paint chip out of Alden’s mouth. The new house it is. I think.

I thought of the third brush with celebrity. It’s tangential. We always go to the airport early in case there are baby shenanigans slowing us down. So we had a lot of time in the Knoxville airport. (early + 2-hour delay. Thanks LaGuardia!)

I spent most of the time chatting with a woman on our flight. She was connecting through New York on her way to Beijing because her husband is running in the steeplechase event. They live in Knoxville because he went to the university and so it allows him to train with its facilities. She’s a designer and does all the dresses and skirts for The Limited. I don’t know that we’re cool enough (or young enough) to be their friends, but she was awfully charming. So if you’re watching the steeplechase finals on Monday, join me in a “Go Famiglietti!” He’s got a website too.


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