Midnight Meetup

There are those moments where my kid is so cute that I question if I’m really seeing what I think I’m seeing. But I’m pretty sure that a few nights ago:

I was sleeping between Alden and Damon. Normally Alden sleeps in the middle, but some weird combination of nursing contortions put him on the outside. It’s not a big deal, we’re still sleeping on a mattress on the floor.

(Why is a long, boring story. And I’m sure you’re thinking that I’ve never shown any restraint before when it comes to long and boring. But this story is boring even to me, as it involves things like storage units, and that is saying something. I have a low threshold for amusement.)

Anyway. My mama radar wakes me up and I open my eyes. I can just see Alden’s face. He’s barely lit by the iPod dock, which casts a small circle of dim light on the side of the bed. I see that Alden’s eyes are open, and he’s looking at Zoe. She’s put her front paws on the side of the bed and is looking back at him. Alden, quiet like a mouse, sits up, puts his legs over the side of the mattress, and slides down onto the floor. They sit together in the little circle of light, Alden gently patting her head. After about 30 seconds he pushes himself back up on to the mattress, rolls up against me, and goes back to sleep.

The sweetness, I can hardly bear it sometimes.

And now for the photos:

You can’t fight the cute.

The littlest guy at the birthday party.

He loves his Christmas tree.


22 responses to this post.

  1. I just love him so much.


  2. I just love him so much.


  3. Argh, the cute, it hurts me!


  4. Argh, the cute, it hurts me!


  5. That is a beautiful story, so cute!


  6. That is a beautiful story, so cute!


  7. Oh, that child. Painfully cute.


  8. Oh, that child. Painfully cute.


  9. He loves you too!


  10. Me too!
    Your photo of Ez at Little Gym scored the rare, literal LOL from me.


  11. He’s a sweet pea.


  12. I thought of your own cuties today when I saw this article:
    I think the little boy in the Jets shirt looks like the lost Donnelly Dude.


  13. He shows it by his very precious look of “Omigodican’tbelieveallthosenoisesareforme!” And the drooling.


  14. He does have some prodigious eyelashes.


  15. We were howling. He was staging a protest about having to share the podium. He was saying, “MY turn. EZRA’s turn. Off! Off!”


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