Almost Out the Door

My work email is winnowed down to a respectable 20 or so. Those left over required more than a quick decision/response, so they will have to wait until I get back. This is more of a triumph than it appears unless you know that I was up to >700 a week or so ago. A brutal week of meetingsmeetingsmeetings left me with little time for sitting at my desk and working. Back under control now, although I’m sure there are a few people feeling disgruntled about how long it took to hear from me.

This time tomorrow we’ll probably be watching cable in our hotel room. I’ll be making notes by the bathroom light so that I don’t wake up Alden, but I will want to have a plan for the next day. We’ll also be reminiscing about our first few hours at Epcot and our dinner at the Mexico pavilion. We’re already set with reservations at every restaurant I wanted to hit. The one thing I’ve learned most emphatically in the planning of this trip is that if you are going to Disney, you need dinner reservations. It all books up, my friends, and it books up fast.

I would like to say I’ve been as on the spot with packing as I have with work and with planning. But my suitcase is still sitting open in the closet and I haven’t put aside one thing for Alden yet. I did pack up a computer and some books, so we may go naked but we won’t be bored at night.


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