Future Captain of Industry

Sunday night Alden said to me, “I pushed a kid today.”
I said, “Yeah, I know. That wasn’t a good thing to do.”
He said, “But I got him out of my way.”
I said, “But when you push it makes other kids sad. And it makes them not want to play with you.”
He said, “But… I got him out of my way.”

Out of my way!

Monday Damon took Alden to the park where they met up with a friendly two-year-old, S.

S said, “Sometimes I get scared.” and then “I need a light and Daddy sings to me.”
Alden replied, “Sometimes me get scared and I say (sweeping arm motion) EVERYBODY OUT OF MY WAY!”

Seriously! Out of my way!

Furthering my suspicion that he might have felonious white-collar leanings is his pushing technique. He’ll tent the fingers of one hand and place them squarely on the other kid’s chest. Then he’ll give a tiny shove. Not enough to knock anyone down. Just enough to send a message. The only exception is if he’s pushed first. Then he responds with extreme prejudice.

Small, but mighty

It’s possible that he inherits this behavior. It could be that one of his parents was (maybe is) known to be a bossy pants. She (or he) might have been known to go to friends’ houses and tell them who could play on their swing sets.

When he’s not harassing other kids, though, he’s a sweet pea. Just tonight he threw himself unto the breach in order to prevent Mr. Hippo from making Hippo Chow of Elliot (a frequent risk to the baby around here). Maybe we can hope for simple middle management.

Hey! Cookie!


4 responses to this post.

  1. The young lad has a point.


  2. The young lad has a point.


  3. It’s important to Be Clear, you know.


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