Sunday Dinner: Whole Roasted Chicken on the Cocorico

“on the Cocorico” took some thought. I didn’t know if it was a serving style, a la “on the rocks.” Or what.

Turns out a Cocorico is a roaster that looks like the novelty sombrero frat boys use for nachos.

My Dad would absolutely buy something like this. I will not. Dedicated as I am to this project, I can’t spend $70+ on an item I will never, ever use again.

I never saw the Cocorico in my Dad’s kitchen. I’ve never seen a chicken purported to be roasted that way. The mystery will stand.

If you’re up for it: Whole Roasted Chicken on the Cocorico from NapaStyle (which just happens to sell that Cocorico. Imagine.)


One response to this post.

  1. I’ll bet any recipe that calls for this could lend itself to beer can chicken.


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