Public Service Annoucement: Cheap Breakfast

I am a sucker for Jeopardy-style restaurant guessing games. Which dish will kill me? The manicotti??? No! It’s the salad! I follow Damon around the house quizzing him from Eat This, Not That. Somewhere along the way I picked up the (possibly wrong) information that an egg mcmuffin is not such a bad choice, as far as fast food goes.

 (A quick review on the McDonald’s nutrition page reveals that I have slightly been kidding myself. 5 grams of saturated fat! And yet, at least some calcium and iron. Decide for yourselves:

mcdonald's egg mcmuffin

(click to make it legible.))

Anyway, I figured that if I took the meat off it would practically become health food. So I started picking one up semi-regularly on the way to work. And really, it’s not a bad idea. They do keep me pretty happy until lunchtime, which is more than I can say for my Luna Bars.

Here’s my genius discovery though… If you order an egg mcmuffin, hold the meat, and a medium Coke (because who am I really kidding?) you will pay $4.10 for your breakfast. BUT! If you order an egg and cheese biscuit, but sub an English muffin for the biscuit, your breakfast will be $3.60. So! 50 cents savings every day!

Really, I’m telling you this not because I think it will be that relevant to that many people, but because a) I am fascinated that I can make that big a percentage of a difference in the cost of a meal just by varying the way I place the order and b) Damon is tired of hearing about this amazing discovery.

Also, a double quarter pounder has 19 grams of saturated fat! Gah!


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  1. Posted by Susan on February 16, 2011 at 6:54 pm

    Weight Watchers will charge you 8 points for that, ma’am.

    Uh, not that you’re concerned with what Weight Watchers thinks of it, but that not a bad deal, considering.

    Hey, how come you don’t drink coffee?


  2. That’s good context! I hear Weight Watchers is the best program out there, so that estimation comes with authority.

    I wish, wish, wish I liked coffee. I can’t abide the taste. Love the smell. But no amount of milk or flavoring or sugar has ever been able to get me past it.


  3. Posted by Susan on February 18, 2011 at 9:43 pm

    It means that there’s a low fiber/protein to fat/carb ratio, which, on the Jillian Scale I’m assuming isn’t a big deal because you strike me as a pretty healthy eater. Besides, everybody’s gotta have a vice.

    For the longest time (until last year, I think), I couldn’t stand coffee, but then it started seeming that keeping a steady amount of caffeine in my system seemed to be key to regulating my migraines, and I really don’t need to be drinking a bazillion Cokes (and I don’t take artificial sweeteners, both because I think they toxic and because they’re a migraine trigger for me). I started making a pitcher of iced coffee every Sunday night for the week.

    Then I was out or something one Sunday night and didn’t have time to, so the
    next morning I made a hot cup and had it with ONLY half and half, and that was when I discovered how I really liked it. So there you go.


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