Lovely Love Prints

Subtitle: Why the internet is just so great.

It’s a few days past Valentine’s, but I still have hearts on my mind. So I got interested when I saw that one of our editors had posted this darling print on our blog, Design Happens:

Any Yo Gabba Gabba fans here?

(Sidenote: I have a terrible habit of buying prints, agonizing over where to hang them, and ultimately stashing them until the right solution comes to me. It never does. I need help.)

I recognized the words instantly from the earworm-tastic Roots song we see on Yo Gabba Gabba a billionty times a week. My finger hovered over the link that would take me to the Etsy store as I read the story. It goes roughly like this:

Merrilee is an artist. Last Christmas she and her husband agreed to a (nearly) no-spending-on-gifts policy. So she whipped up the above print for him in honor of the family’s impromptu dance parties to this song.

Ruth has four kids, and is married to the creator of Yo Gabba Gabba. She stumbled across the above blog, and was charmed. She contacted Merrilee and asked if she could buy a copy of the print for her husband.

In reading Ruth’s blog, Merrilee learns about Davy. That’s the couple’s daughter, who is living with some very serious medical issues. Anyone who thinks the riches (?) associated with creating a hit children’s show are any match for major, ongoing medical bills has never had major, ongoing medical bills. Merrilee knew that, and decided to sell the prints via her Etsy shop and hand over all the proceeds to Davy and her family.

We all know that the money from a set of prints in an Etsy shop are also no match for medical bills. But I am sure that the kindness built up even more important reserves.

Now the print has been picked up by Ohdeedoh, Design Crush, and HGTV. Which should mean, in theory, that Merrilee will need to crank her printer up to 11. I ordered the yellow and the blue versions. No idea where I’m going to hang them.

(FYI: This week Merrilee is throwing in an extra print for every one that you buy. A steal at $20, I think)


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