We have been there more than here in the past month. “There” being various places, some local some not. I have to look at my calendar to remember. We lucked into a very important house guests. The family, in various combinations, rode boats and ate clams, grilled corn and hailed taxis.

All good.

Last night Elliot yelled his face off on an airplane. In a short pause I heard someone many aisles back say, “Someone is NOT happy.” Considering the situation, I appreciated the mildness of the comment. The flight attendant came to offer him a cookie and I had to admit to her that he was screaming because I made him put his tray table up for takeoff. We were all so happy to hit 10,000 feet.

Last week on an airplane the gigantic man in front of me pushed back suddenly in his seat. I mouthed “Oh my god” to Damon and then looked up to see the guy was standing up and totally busted me. He and his wife apologized, which made me feel even more like a jackass.

Alden quizzed a flight attendant about the speed of the plane, negotiating with her to arrange a speed that is comfortable for him. Later, once he decided he liked the flight (As soon as we lifted off he yelled, “We’re flying! We’re flying!”), he stopped her passage to send a message to the pilot that he should feel free to go fast.

I will happily fly with Alden again, but Elliot is getting checked with the luggage.

At the South Carolina Aquarium








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  1. This brought me joy [again].


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