Bedtime Routine

I’m on a business trip. That means Damon’s on his own with the boys for a few days. He just texted me to let me know that Alden’s bedtime demands were epic. When I asked him to tell me more, this was his transcription of what Alden wanted:

— to spin around while music played

— two separate glasses of water

— Elliot to leave

— Damon to leave

— Breakfast bar

— Pirate story

— unlimited access to iPad

— Elliot to leave

— a burger

— unlimited amount of time to climb the blanket box

— Damon to leave


It is no small wonder that Damon’s hauling them to his Mom’s house as soon as school gets out tomorrow.


2 responses to this post.

  1. This is what I gather from Alden’s well-articulated list of must-haves before committing to slumber: He wants Damon to leave, he does not like limitations, he wants Elliot to leave, and that food, drink, pirates and spinning are perks once the aforementioned demands are met. Sounds reasonable to me; however, I sleep with the TV on, require four down-filled pillows, need a steady, constant breeze from a table top fan, and therefore could be a bit jaded. Also, I am eating a cookie. In bed. Watching House Hunters International.


  2. Posted by Anne on March 9, 2012 at 3:31 pm

    Woah! That’s MY demand list … Exactly! Why won’t Damon and Elliot ever leave!?


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