New Year’s Eve Tradition

Our family has a sacred New Year’s Eve tradition that I just made up.

I know I want to spend New Year’s at the cabin; but in order to make this day different from every day at the cabin we are instituting the New Year Family Dinner. Every person gets to pick one dish and they all add up to dinner — whatever they are. Elliot spoke up first, and ask for broccoli with noodles (noot-les). Alden picked pizza. Damon added on my quasi-homemade Alfredo and mushroom sauce, which we can add to Elli’s nootles. I threw in Boston cream cake, one of my Dad’s favorites and a historical cabin dessert staple. Kind of a reasonable dinner, actually. I was hoping for something weirder.


This has been my view for the past 36 hours.

Cabin Cats

Cabin Cats



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