Two Bowls of Soup, One Spoon

The front desk clerk told me as I checked in that this is as cold in LA as she can ever remember. Yesterday at our shoot only the sound guy was smart enough to have gloves. We all took turns wearing them. We huddled around heaters between takes. We hopped in place. Shape up, California. How will you remain on my list of favorite places this way? Last night I stopped at a restaurant and ordered two bowls of soup for dinner and then huddled in my hotel bed as I worked my way through them. One hot and sour and one vegetable, in case you were curious.

Damon sent me audio last night of the boys giggling in their beds. Hold please, while I go listen to that one more time. That will assuredly warm me up.




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  1. After nearly 8 years here, I finally busted out my Colorado sweaters and I am wearing them. And gloves (in my office, as I type this). And a scarf. Brr.


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