St. Boggess Summer Program

As of this morning, we are the proud owners of a kindergartener. That took me three times to spell, which goes to show how fresh the situation is.

Before any more book learnin’ happens, though, we have a whole summer stretching out in front of us full of shenanigans.

Iron monster goalies

We’ve signed the boys up for the prestigious and highly selective “Camp Go Play In the Backyard.” We’ll augment that with enrichment experiences like “Find these groceries and put them in the cart.” and “Who can put away the puzzle pieces the fastest?”

I will personally feel enriched when I can get ready for work without saying, “Please get your shoes” nine hundred gabillion times. I wonder if I can get their internal clocks reset so fully over the next few days that they are snoozing right on past my departure time by Tuesday morning. I can make up the togetherness by letting them stay up and party well into the night.


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