I would like for all the unpacking to be done, please.

I’m tense. And I’m sure it’s that the apartment is still pretty boxy, and that Damon is about to leave, and that I report to AOL on Tuesday, and that there’s a lot of tension coming from Atlanta. So at least that makes it a little more bearable, since I know what it is, and that it will all go away. Oh, and I may be a little hormonal right now. I’m trying not to take it out on Damon.

Tomorrow should be a really fun day, which will help. We’re going to the Black Family Reunion in the afternoon and then Geoff is having a cookout. So we will be social and active and cheerful. Monday we’re going to the International Spy Museum.

I think part of my edginess is that I don’t do well when I don’t get a little home time to myself. But I’m dreading Damon leaving and want to be with him. Not that he has anywhere to go anyway. But when he comes back he’ll get cast in a show and that will build in alone time for both of us, since I work days. So all will be happy.


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