Fun Delayed, Fun Achieved

Well, all my big plans to go to the Black Family Reunion on the Mall came to naught, seeing as its next month. I’m awfully disappointed. That would have been a great way for Damon and me to spend the afternoon. We wandered around the Mall a little bit, but pretty much turned around and went back to Arlington.

We did get to eat lunch at the little Italian restaurant I wanted to try — Something Pines? The tomato sauce was wonderful — fresh and ripe. But they charged for Coke refills, which left us a little whiny.

But we did go on to a lovely cookout at Geoff’s house where we met a spy! He called himself an intelligence officer. But he was a spy. His name is Joseph and he was a favorite for the both of us. Unfortunately, he lives in New Jersey. But he’s applied for grad school in DC, so maybe he’ll come back and we can make friends with him.


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