Moved In

Well, my Mom’s great furniture, and mountain of junk, have all safely arrived and I’ve started to make good progress throught the mess. I think it currently looks worse than it is. Once I get all the Good Will stuf out of here that will make an enormous difference. But I don’t want to kid myself, there’s still plenty to do.

But today will not be all work. I’ll be getting out of the apartment for the first time in a few days. I may be meeting Lisa for a walk. But more exciting is that Jason is taking me to a wine dinner tonight. I’m so happy that he’s here. It’s a perfect setup. He’s got a line on lots of fun stuff for us to do, and much of it is both fancy and free. Jason is married to his longtime sweetheart Elizabeth, who just had their baby a few weeks ago. That’s why I’m getting to go on all his fun work events with him, she’s recovering, nursing, etc. I like to spend a few minutes every time I talk to him asking him about Elizabeth and his son Sebastion because it’s so sweet to listen to him rhapsodize about them.


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