One More Day!

One more day, stumbling around in the wilderness — the cable guy comes tomorrow. I will be back in the land of high-speed Internet access and the Crocodile Hunter. We’re actuallky getting Video on Demand, which means I can finally pick up where I left off on the Sopranos. So thrilling. We haven’t had TV all week and I’ve realized… I love TV. I miss TV. I didn’t think I would, since I don’t watch that much of it. But it turns out that little bit I did watch most days was an important way to let my brain disengage. And I miss my pretend friends — like the cast of Friends.

I’ve been plugging away at AOL this morning. It will be much easier when I’m in the office. I just need to coast through one more business day. And I’m so sleepy. We’re in the bad habit where Damon and I collapse into sleep at the same time, but I get up about two hours earlier. So he’s ready to go, and I want a nap.

Speaking of naps…


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