Okay, so why does everyone have a fancier journal than I do? Do I need to download a client? I’m not totally sure what that means.

Anyway, I’m sort of tickled by this DC lifestyle. I left my apartment at 2 and was home by 9. My Atlanta friends are all just leaving their apartments now. But I like feeling like I’ve got some evening left to me.

The party was very nice. I saw a handful of familiar faces and met some interesting folks. I thought the most interesting was the Marine who is a press escort. He took Bob around Iraq. But then I met the woman who’s the head lawyer for the Ringler Bros. Circus and that really did win hands down. Her husband had to drag her out the door because I was going to ask her questions until dawn. And one of my former co-workers, who I didn’t get to work with much – yelled “Oh my gosh, Jillian! I didn’t recognize you with makeup on.” So that was a proud moment for me.

I posted a comment on a random journal for the first time today. I don’t think that’s outside LJ etiquette, but I guess I can’t swear it. And then I went and added him to my friends list so I could see how his holidays went (he’s so enthusiastic about Christmas that I just wanted to hear). So I might get busted for LJ stalking. Clearly, I’m still not sure exactly how all of this is supposed to work.


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