Back on My Feet

I’m very excited to go to the doctor tomorrow and see if he praises my miraculous healing. I plan to beg for less bandaging. Although with an incision across the top of my foot, I don’t know what I think would go on my foot in place of big bandages. Maybe my doctor will have an idea. I peeled the works back down to the surgical tape yesterday and it’s not too terrible. It makes me feel sort of tough when I look at my battered little foot. If I can ignore the fact that I was unconcious when the injury occurred.

Countdown to New York is 54 days. Damon and I are heading up this weekend so our broker can give us a tour of neighborhoods to help narrow our search. Brenda, John and James (as well as Damon’s friends Megan and Jonathan) are waiting with open arms.

But it seems like all the glamour is going on wherever Tsalino is. I’ve so enjoyed reading his posts, I’m sorry he’s going back to Cherokee. But I do like Cherokee stories too. Still, it’s lovely to get to enjoy something like that along with a friend.

I’m having a really quiet night tonight. I’m not sad or mad, although I am very tired. Sometimes I have nights where I just don’t have any wish to speak. I don’t really want to be talked to either, but I can cope with that. It’s nights like this that I wonder if I’m crazy to think I want kids (or at least A kid). Damon must have gotten the vibe, because he just took off for the grocery store, promising to return with an avocado and a tomato for me.

I’m laying on the couch watching movies about movies. I watched a documentary on the making of ‘The Exorcist’ then ’12 Monkeys’ then ‘To Kill a Mockingbird’ and now I’m on to ‘The Wild Bunch.’ This has, obviously, been over a few days. They’re all on the same VHS tape and I have no idea where I got it. I’m going through all my old tapes and only saving my favorites.


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