Sometimes Life Is So Nice

When things are lovely, it’s important to note that.

This morning I got a call from Zoe’s doctor that her tests all show that she is the picture of perfect, kittenish health. Nothing to worry about, she’s in beautiful shape. So her 13 years are not showing at all. This is a perspective bringer, in that I realize that I’d much rather get that news than the news that we’ll get our apartment. I’d rather have her somewhere else, than the fancy new apartment without her.

So I went to work and spent the day helping get our new staff member up to speed. I’m up to 366 emails in my inbox, but I don’t care because having her around will ultimately mean my inbox won’t get that high. And I found out that an onerous project will probably be cancelled.

Now I’m at my hotel. I have stayed in about a zillion hotels in the last year. If anyone is coming to Manhattan, please let me advise you. I only wish I had found the Giraffe sooner. As soon as I walked in the desk clerk recognized me from last week. He popped me into an ENORMOUS suite. There were snacks waiting for me, as well as ‘welcome back’ note. After the front desk called up to see if my room was in all ways to my liking, and I assured them that it was, I went down to the lobby. I sank into a fantastically comfortable chair while I read a book that I’m really enjoying (The Source by James Michener) and drank the complimentary champagne. I passed on the cheese, fruit and nuts because I was waiting for my dinner to be delivered. Which is just has been, and I’m about to go eat it.

Did I mention that there was a very talented piano player down in the lobby/bar just making everything even a little more perfect?

They’ll be sending up breakfast (just like I like it) in the morning so that I can get a good start to my day.

Seriously, can you fall in love with a hotel?

And did I mention how much I’m enjoying my book? It’s a jackpot — a really enjoyable book that’s about 1,000 pages long. So, I’m happy.


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  1. Yay!
    Happy is as happy does.


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