On Track

The apartment came through. There was much relief and rejoicing when the lawyer sent over a note telling me that the contracts had arrived and that all was in order. He then promptly went on a week-long vacation, so we probably won’t get closing set up until then. But that’s fine. I’ve got temporary housing until the end of September and if I use it all, that’s fine with me. Knowing that we’ll be in place before the snow falls is all the comfort I need.

I had a lively weekend in NYC with Sarah and Jody. We spent too much money, which was the source of some whispering and anxiety between Sarah and myself. But Jody was definitely taking it down a notch or two, and we appreciated the effort. I also resorted to pouring my wine down the drain when Jody wasn’t looking because I simply cannot keep up.

One week from now the packers will be at the apartment, getting us all boxed and ready to go. I’m bizarrely excited to watch that. I just can’t get my head wrapped around the idea that we’re going to move and that I don’t have to pack or carry a single box.

Tonight we’re going out for sushi with a little gang of pals to say goodbye. It will be sad, but a snap compared with our Atlanta departure.


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