After watching me log in to this site about a zillion times, Damon says to me tonight: Do you have an online journal?

I think he thought I was just lurking, which wouldn’t be a bad guess.

Actually, one of the great things about Damon is that he doesn’t stick his nose into everything I do. I don’t do anything I’d be specifically concerned that he didn’t know about, but I don’t enjoy tons of scrutiny. I know I have some goofy quirks. It doesn’t mean I want to explain them, or even hear how adorable they are.

Anyway, once I assured him that I don’t write bad things about him he seemed to lose interest. That may or may not stick. Either way is okay.


6 responses to this post.

  1. But that doesn’t mean we can’t write bad things about him.
    That dweeb!


  2. I prefer “dork” when talking about Damon.


  3. It’s hard to decide if he’s dweebier or dorkier… he’s just so much of both!


  4. How about if we call him a “dwork”?


  5. Done and done.
    That dwork.


  6. I like that it makes it sound like he might be a follower of Andrea Dworkin. Kind of fun to think about, if only in the theoretical sense.


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