I would love to be one of those weirdos who lives in a hotel. Life is so much easier when I’m here. And I’ve found ‘China Xpress’ which has fantastic steamed shrimp dumplings and will deliver it to me in the lobby or my room. So what on earth else could I ask for?

I wish I weren’t so sleepy tonight. I got up at 5:30 and I’m feeling it. I wanted to call John and see if he wanted to grab dinner, but I was just too tired. I keep watching the True Hollywood Story of The Exorcist over and over because I don’t feel like trying to find something else.

That William Friedkin is not a good guy. Artists who think talent justifies their bad behavoir are just boring cliches.

We were laughing at work today because the names on our team are so great.

Jody Jones
Romy Pokorny
Jillian St. Charles

And tomorrow we’re interviewing someone named Charity Curley to round us out. How great would that be? Romy and Jody will be one team, and Charity (if she works out) and I will be the other. We sound like ‘The Facts of Life: The Next Generation.’ I hope I’m Jo.


3 responses to this post.

  1. What is Friedkin’s bad behavior?


  2. Yes! Jo! Be Jo!
    Everyone has a crush on Jo.
    Failing that, fall back on Tooty.


  3. He shot off guns on set, and otherwise physically endangered and damaged his cast. Oh, and he slapped a priest.


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