Blue Velvet

It may be that I missed the cultural moment in which this movie was special and significant. I just watched ‘Blue Velvet’ for the first time and found it… irritating. And not in that way that irritating can be good. It felt like it offered a combination of torturous emotion and insignificance. Oh, and I HATE Dennis Hopper. I HATE everything he does. He’s predictable and ridiculous.


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  1. You’re not the only one! I can’t stand watching that movie. I have tried to watch it several times, and each time it gets worse to me. However, my hubby, Bob, loves it. Of course he loves anything by David Lynch. Which is why I don’t let him pick out the movies.


  2. There’s one big exception in my book. Have you seen ‘The Straight Story’? It’s beautiful. I absolutely loved it. And it’s David Lynch, but it’s nothing like his other films, which I’m totally with you on.
    But I would be willing to watch ‘Wild at Heart’ with Bob. I kind of liked that one.


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