I truly am grateful for my even-keeled disposition. I take no more credit for it than I do my eye color. My calm can be amazing. And I’m so lucky for that. And I keep trying to remind myself of that when I feel overtaxed or depended on by a needy friend who perceives my reservoirs to be bottomless. But sometimes the unworthy impulse to lash out can be strong.

On a cheerier note, we had an all-out-fabulous time tonight meeting Daniel, Rachel, John, Alex and Molly for dinner at Ariana Afghan Kabob House. I’ve never had Afghan food before and it was absolutely fantastic. Our waiter — Raffi — offered to surprise me. I will never pass up an offer like that. So I got a medley of extravagently seasoned veggies — pumpkin, spinach and eggplant. Then throw in a salad with tangy yogurt and a big bowl of brown rice. I could eat like that every day. It was one of those great dinners where we laughed and laughed and everyone talked a lot.

Daniel and Rachel are now back at Newark airport, checking in for their flight to Asia. So exciting. Going to Hawaii has really re-ignited my desire to be on the road. I’m trying to line up a trip to Englad asap.


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  1. If you guys can make it to Prague in the next 2 months, I’ve got a spare bedroom….


  2. Are you leaving Prague in two months?


  3. My visa and my lease are both up in March. The company is renewing the visa now but I don’t believe they’ll let me stay in the swank subsidized 3 bedroom corporate flat. Paying off US debts on a Czech salary is kind of tight and gets worse if I have to pay full rent and utilities, so in the meantime I’m looking for work back in the states. I am tempted to stay through the worldcup and rumor has it Andru and Aileen may be headed to Berlin in a few months but not sure I can swing it and while I’m enjoying myself, I don’t plan on building a future here. Thinking about NYC, or ATL, – possibly Chicago. Sending out resumes for Business Intelligence as well as more creative writing/production jobs.
    Anyhow, at the very least, I lose the spare bedroom in March, so come on over!


  4. Ah, I do remember the job search. Any luck? That’s too bad to lose swanky subsidization. The elderly lady who lives across from me just passed away. She’s about 80 and has lived in this building her entire life. I just found out that her rent (on her apartment twice as big as mine, and sunny) was about $300/month. God bless rent control.
    Are Andru and Aileen moving to Berlin or just visiting? Would you consider a relocation to Germany?
    Thank you for the offer for the bedroom, but there’s no way I can wiggle out of my new job so soon. We’ll have to catch you at your next swanky pad.


  5. Looks like they’re moving, which makes it tempting for me to stick around at least through the World Cup (US vs CZ in Germany!)this summer and no job prospects on the immediate horizon in the states. We’ll see…


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