I’m happily home and even more happily in my pajamas. I haven’t seen my couch since Tuesday night. I know it’s only Friday, but I feel my flight home gives me leverage to add at least a week’s worth of complaining. I do not like to fly. I particularly don’t like to fly on tiny airplanes. The most over-rating thing on the face of the earth is a corporate jet. So I’m on the AOL shuttle from DC to NYC earlier this evening and it’s swooping and shuddering and bouncing. I kept thinking “I’m going down like Buddy Holly.” I was coursing with adrenaline and miserable. Fortunately we made our landing on the first try. Did I mention that sometimes they abort landings at the private airport? A last-minute swoop back up into the sky for a do-over. I told the woman next to me that that happens sometimes and she said, “If that happens I am going to cry. I mean I am going to wail.” And we laughed that “This is not really funny” laugh.

Ah — an invitation to go get pizza with my boyfriend. I’m off!


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