Back in NYC

The good folks at Airtran managed to get me on an earlier flight today, so I have already eaten my Chinese takeout and am sinking into my couch watching North and South. I should still be in the air with an hour left to go. So grateful that I’m not.

I haven’t unpacked a thing, and it won’t surprise me at all if I don’t at all tonight. Tomorrow FreshDirect brings me many crates of groceries, about which I am hugely hugely excited. All I had to do is point and click (and pay) and they just bring it right along. I’ve got a marinade of cheese and olives I want to make, and I’m going to try stuffing some apples with saurkraut. I realize that second recipe probably doesn’t have wide appeal, but I think I’ll like it. And I’m the only one I’m feeding this week.

I’ll go to DC for New Year’s Eve to spend that with Damon. It will be great to see him again so soon, but good grief I could stand a few days at home. Next weekend Andrew makes a return for one more visit before he heads back to Germany.

Zoe is so happy to have me back. When I walked in the front door she ran half way down the hallway and then flopped over on her side and started rolling around and waving her paws at me. Of course I threw everything on the floor and showered her with much love. Kristen did a great job of looking after her, even leaving a DVD of Mary Tyler Moore playing for her amusement. I’m sure Zoe’s been fancying herself a career girl all day.

Can I just mention again how happy I am to be home and alone. In a perfect world Damon would be in NY, but perhaps at work. While I don’t want our schedules to be opposite, it would be nice if they didn’t align perfectly.

The visit with Mom and Jerry went really well. It’s the first time I’ve seen them in years and years that I haven’t been pulled in a thousand direction at Christmas. I loved not having to answer to any needs/desire/requirements but those of the four of us. We saw Lemony Snicket, we saw another movie that I’m blanking on. My fatigue must be showing a little bit. Getting home was quite the ordeal. We got to the airport around 10:45 and I finally struggled in the door around 7, carrying a duffel bag along with laptop, briefcase, rollie and handbag. The duffel bag weights about eight gagillion pounds and just about detached my arm at the shoulder by the time I finished bussing, training and walking to the apartment. That said, it was necessary because we had so many presents, and so I felt pretty cheerful about it.


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  1. Glad your back safely. I read your cushman exploits with great interest. I didn’t want to tell you while you were driving them, but my Dad once broke his leg on one of those. Granted he was on a hilly golf course and slipped and it ran over him, but they can still be dangerous.
    Do you have a number for Andrew you could email me offline? Marc said he wanted to get in touch with Aileen and I don’t think he has our info.


  2. I don’t know if the golf cart was dangerous, but I definitely was. I was greatly to be feared.
    Check your email for Andrew information.


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