Super Fun

I had such a good time yesterday that I’m sore. That’s a good day.

Mom and Jerry took us to play something called pickleball. It’s kind of a tennis/racquetball/whiffle ball combo, if that makes any sense. Oh, but you use paddles instead of racquets. It’s hard to describe. But the important thing is that I was very good at it. It’s not often I find something physical to do where I can run circles around Damon. But he was unable to come even close to my pickleball mastery.

After that we cleaned up, ate and went to town square. There was a wedding-ish band playing “Rocky and the Rollers.” Yup. But that didn’t stop us from dancing like fools. Mom and Jerry were really good, and I was so tickled to watch them go. My Mom was definitely the most soulful white lady out there, but not in that embarrassing overcompensatory way. I should point out that they’re all white ladies. That was one of our early conversations, “Don’t you miss black people?” She said she does but she loved this place too much to pass it up. She’s also hoping the place will integrate a little more as it grows. Anyway, I got my Mom to dance with me and that was lots of fun. I was struck by how popular line dancing is. Those people will force that onto any song playing, no matter how ridiculous. But they did seem to be having fun. My Mom says she wants a BB gun to shoot them with because they take over the whole dance area. There are certainly plenty of ample behinds to aim for.

This morning we exchanged our Christmas presents and much quality loot was exchanged. I gave Damon some new shirts and sweaters, some warm gloves and one of those seen-on-TV tiny hair trimmers. My Mom had one when we were visiting last Christmas and he was fascinated by it. We gave Jerry the first season of 24 and Mom, Damon and I all went in together to get him six months of Netflix. We gave my Mom some fun parrot-green and hot pink shirts and some pink wooden slides to help ease her into her Florida life. We also got her some super-soft socks, just because I couldn’t resist them.

I also got plenty o’ good stuff. Damon gave me a stripe-y linen suit, a candle that smells like Sarah (lavender) and a candle snuffer. I love him for supporting my candle habit, even though it drives him crazy. Mom and Jerry gave me new jeans and a pullover and very snuggly sweater, flannel pajamas, crock pot cookbooks, the latest Mark Helperin book and, truthfully, a ton of other stuff. They gave Damon and me several joint gifts, which was fun. The best of those was a “1C” they made for our apartment door, since I had been complaining that we couldn’t find them at Home Depot. They’ve got magnets on the back, since our door is metal.

And now we’re about 10 minutes away from our Christmas Eve dinner, so I had better sign off.


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