How can I convey how cold it is? Did anyone see ‘Day After Tomorrow’? I keep waiting to see the frost creep across my walls. This is where I learn a lesson for not getting curtains for the living room. And for not getting our one radiator fixed. I think I will just turn it on and let it leak. I’ve got my laptop on my lap, in attempt to huddle with its electronic heat. We’re expecting 6-10 inches of snow today! In just a little bit I’m going to bundle up and walk down to the library and pick up the first season of ‘All in the Family’ which is waiting for me there. Later tonight I have plans to meet Kari for margaritas and my desire to dodge the cold will be at war with my desire to finally socialize after having been sick for so long. I suspect the margaritas will win. I feel much better this morning after having slept all the way through the night for the first time. I had been waking up with coughing. So I’m better!


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