Weekend Snapshot

You may have heard, it snowed here yesterday. I’m all for it, as since it’s going to be frigid we might as well have heaps of snow. So I watched it rush down for a while yesterday. We’ve got two huge windows in our living room, so I stretched out on the couch and contemplated snowflakes until I slipped off to sleep.

Waking up after an hour or two I decided to join some friends in Soho for dinner and drinks. So I rolled my jeans up to my knees and put on some high black books and headed out. The snow was slowing down, but no one had bothered to break out the snow blowers yet as it was supposed to continue until Sunday morning. I made my way to the subway. It was a little wobbly and slow going, but I never worried that I shouldn’t have gone. The worst part was actually the stairs down, as they were buried and there was some guesswork about where to put my feet.

But I arrived safely in Soho. When I came up amidst the art galleries and fancy shops it was astonishing to note the total absence of cars. The roads were buried, there was no telling the sidewalk from the street. So certainly no one was trying to drive. There was a small amount of foot traffic as the brave and foolish had come out to gawk. So I gawked with them for a while and then headed to Cafe el Portal to meet my friends. The restaurant has fantastic food, is shockingly cheap and only has about seven tables. So normally it’s impossible to sit down. But this time we were able to even steal some extra chairs for coats and bags. The staff was in the back watching a soccer match, we could hear them cheering. I had a goat cheese quesadilla-type thing, blended with avocado and topped with sharply fresh tomato, onion, jalapenos and spices. It was a winner. It was there that I met up with my friends Kari and Jeff, and Kari’s friends, the sisters Amy and Ashley.

After a few margaritas we wandered around the corner to a bar called Sweet and Vicious. My days of enjoying bars like these are pretty much over, but the company was good. I don’t like a loud bar where I’ve got to scream for my friends to hear me. It defeats the point of meeting them. I’m much more for quiet and cozy. But I did enjoy that we joined a few more folks there, including a guy that Amy was being set up with. Amy, as I learned, has a hard time knowing when to say when. So there were some serious covert operations going on meant to part her discretely from her drink whenever possible. It wasn’t meeting with much success. So that was funny.

In some ways the best part of the night was coming home. I had to take three trains and it was well over an hour of late-night traveling. So after many blocks of snowy walking I grabbed a Post for the ride and spent some quality time on the train. When I got back to Inwood I was a little disheartened at the thought of the walk to the apartment. But when I got to the courtyard the snow cover was pristine and it was really nice to walk through that sparkly perfect white. I was pretty soaked by the time I got in my door.

This was the good part. My feet were numb (the boots are really tight) so it took some hopping around to get them off without stepping into my apartment. But I wanted to confine the snow. I took off my wet hat and coat. All of this was in the dark, with my leftover bag in my hand. The apartment was full of that lovely steam heat. So I crept into our bedroom without turning on a light, stripped off all my clothes and put on flannel pajamas. Then I hit play on the casette button and crawled into bed. So I listened to Harry Potter books on tape while I set under my heavy down comforter and flannel sheets and ate my leftovers, all in the dark. It was sensory perfection, it felt so warm and peaceful and comforting.

Today I took it easy, as I realize that I was tempting fate running around in the snow. My cough is better every day, but it isn’t gone yet. So I lit candles, cleaned, read books, etc, etc. Oh, and ate a lot of spaghetti over the course of the day.


2 responses to this post.

  1. Sigh..some of my favorite memories involve walking around NYC during snow storms, ducking into empty bars and restaurants and just gawking at the beauty of it all.


  2. Yeah, you’re living a good life right now. I don’t see the point of winter when I’m not living in New York.


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