This is the most practical impact that LJ has had on my life. Jathomas wrote about getting a Roomba for Christmas, and I was compelled. And now I have my own Roomba puttering around my apartment, picking up after me. I don’t know if it’s $250 worth of cool, but it’s pretty cool. I’ve started calling her Rosie, at the suggestion of my friend Lesley who names things for me.

I get a great big kick out of sitting on the couch watching old X-Files episodes while I listen to the little machine clean my kitchen floor. As I told Damon, it didn’t pick up every speck, but it picked up more specks than I was going to.

Damon has an audition in NY tomorrow, so he’s coming up after his show tonight. He’ll get to town around 2am, but that means I’ll have him all tomorrow night. I think I’ll make a nice big pot of soup so he has something warm and comforting to eat when he gets home. I like to make soup. Fresh Direct just left me three huge boxes of groceries, so I feel like getting busy in the kitchen.


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  1. This is me being jealous of your Roomba. On both a sheer technical coolness level, and on a clean (or clean-ish) kitchen floor level.


  2. I’m so jealous that youu have a Rosie!
    You could also get a toddler. They like to pick things off of the kitchen floor as well. Sometimes those things go in the garbage. Sometimes they go in the toddler’s mouth. Either way…they’re gone!


  3. Rosie is hilarious. Move to New York and we’ll subway over every weekend and put her to work at her place. I’ll even let you take her apart and look at her innards, if you like. And you’re about the only person I would trust to do that.


  4. That is a beautiful, beautiful thing. And you know, eating dirt is good for his immune system.


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