I think I’m officially back in high-intensity work world. It seems this re-design and build process is all tangled up and now lots of people are looking at me with hopeful, dewey eyes. At first blush I think the consultants are the problem.

I’ve been coming home exhuasted.

On a fun recreational note, I just joined the Theatre Development Fund so that we can buy TKTS tickets online. No more standing outside on Times Square to get show tickets. I don’t think we’ll go to a show tonight, although tickets to ‘Bridge and Tunnel’ did look tempting.

I’m thinking now about Damon’s birthday, which is at the end of this month. I could get him something practical. He’s made a few requests. But I was also considering getting him a gift certificate to the New York Trapeze School. I think he would love that. I know I’d love watching him do it.


4 responses to this post.

  1. I’ve missed you on AIM. Does the new job disallow it, or have you just been That Busy?


  2. Sigh. I’ve missed being on AIM. This office isn’t quite so plugged in, so instant messaging becomes very conspicuous. I’m still available on email, although I’m well aware it’s not the same.


  3. I’m going to forward to you, then, an email from Ryan that I enjoyed and that I daresay you will too.


  4. Except, an email to your AOL address bounces.


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