I Am Getting Veeeeery Sleepy

I’m streched out on my hotel bed. I need to remember to bring my own cable cord, as the hotels always give you these teeny, short cords that force me to make desks out of chairs. Now maybe I am not the most diligent worker among business travelers, but why would Marriott set up their room so that you can’t get your computer off the desk and you can’t see the tv if you’re sitting there.

So now I’m struggling to stay awake because Damon is coming after his show. I could nap, but then I’d be awake all freaking night and nodding out like a dope addict tomorrow. I could use dinner, but last time I didn’t wait for him. He didn’t complain, but I felt a little bit badly about it.

I was having one of those days today where I wonder if my coworkers will ever discover that I am a total imposter. I was wheeling and dealing about what programming was going to be served up to millions of members, and then later I was walking across the tarmac to our little plane that we fly back and forth in. And they even roll out a little carpet! (it’s blue). The truth is that it’s not all so important or impressive, but I still don’t feel like the kind of person who should be flitting around on this little private plane. But — we get cheese cubes and cookies and muffins and whatever else random thing on the flight. So I like that. I usually start thinking about the cheese as soon as we get to the airport. Tonight was string cheese. It’s usually cubed.

So now I’m trying to think of what restaurant will deliver out here so that Damon and I don’t have to leave once he gets here. But I really want spaghetti, and that’s going to be tough to find. The room service here is noooo good and I’ve already eaten everything good (not much) out of the mini bar.

It’s occurring to me how incoherent/boring this entry must be. I’ll stop now.


2 responses to this post.

  1. Not a boring entry at all!
    And might I remind you, that string cheese is now called “cheese sticks.” I have no idea when that cultural change occurred, but it did.


  2. Oh, I think I’m confusing cheese sticks with cheese straws. I’m old skool — I like string cheese. Because the strings are the best part.


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