It’s been a while. Damon’s home, Rachel was visiting, lots of stuff going on.

But right now I’m consumed by the fact that my beautiful acidy green mini iPod ISN’T WORKING after mere hours of ownership. This is particularly bad because I was so so so excited to get it.

Maybe telling the story of my birthday will make me feel better….

After the obligatory “It’s my birthday!!!!” announcement at midnight, I got a good night’s sleep. At work I found a pretty little pot of flowers on my desk from my boss. About an hour later a gorgeous flower arrangement showed up from my Dad — pale pale pink roses and lilies with some of that twisty, viney, branchy stuff I love. At our afternoon meeting there was chocolate mousse cake (2 pieces for me!) and a bag of a high-end bathy type stuff. I can’t remember the brand. It’s one of those that puts its stuff into bottle that are almost medicinal looking. I couldn’t carry it all so it’s still on my desk. I’ll retrieve it tomorrow.

Damon picked me up at 6 and we went to the Russian Vodka Room for drinks. Waiting for us there were James, Charles, Megan and John. James and Charles gave me two months of Netflix, Megan gave me a bag of chocolate peanut butter eggs, John gave me a beautiful vintage brooch and Damon gave me the aforementioned iPod, which sent me through the roof with joy. It’s a splurge I never would have done, but I really wanted one. And I felt like Damon was a genius because he knew the full iPod was more than I wanted, but that the Shuffle wasn’t enough.

After drinks, Megan, Jeff and Charles took off and John, Damon and I headed to Monster Sushi. There we met up with Rachel and Jeff for many many rolls and some sake. Rachel brought a big bunch of peach roses.

Last, the five of us took off for La Gamin for dessert and coffee. Kari joined us there and we had an assortment of crepes.

Damon was such a good sport, lugging around my huge rose/lily arrangement from my Dad in a vase full of water. But they were so beautiful and I knew I’d miss the best of them if I didn’t have them at home over the weekend.

Saturday and Sunday were pretty low key. Tonight we went to Havana Chelsea for dinner before putting Rachel in a cab for the airport. James (who is Cuban) says that’s the best, most authentic Cuban he’s found in NYC. I order the rice and shrimp every time, but all the other stuff looks good too.

So after dinner was dedicated to unsuccessful attempts to get the mini working. No dice. Damon’s taking it back tomorrow.

I’m comforting myself with a British comedy called Spaced, which is really really funny. I can’t believe I’ve never heard of it. Daniel taped it for us and sent it up with Rachel.

So that’s the short version of the time I’ve missed. I’m heading to bed in about 15. Work will be waiting for me bright and early. Times are about to be a-changin’ there, so I want to make sure I stay on my game. That means reasonable bedtime when possible.


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  1. Happy Birthday, BTW!


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