Snip, Snip

Last night we took Jeremy over to the Little Shubert to see ‘Shockheaded Peter.’ It was… arresting. The sight, the sound, they were both hypnotic. The set made use of forced perspective brilliantly as I pretty constantly disoriented as to the size of the people on stage. The puppeteering was fantastic and ran the gamut from ultra-simple (plainly visible woman holding a tiny stuffed rabbit) to highly complex (a giant moster inhabited by three people). The music by the Tiger Lillies first made me squirm and then pulled me in. So all said I was dazzled, but not emotionally involved.

Jeremy’s visit has been terrific. I haven’t seen all that much of him since I’ve been working during the day while Damon runs around the city with him. (Damon’s days off are Thursday and Friday). He’s smart and sweet and Damon is over the moon to have him here, which is enough for me.

Our houseguest is sleeping in today and when he wakes up he’s going to head off to the bus station and I will spend the afternoon in splendid silence. I’ll take a walk, clean up this disaster of an apartment, stare out the window, read a few more chapters of ‘The Beauty Myth.’

On a different note: I’ve had dog fever lately. No unwary dog owner is safe from me stealing his or her pal. I don’t think I’ll do it. Realistically, having a dog is a bad idea for us. And, most importantly, it’s a bad idea for Zoe. I think. But I sure do want one.


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  1. Me too! Me too!
    Everyone in Prague has a dog and I want one SOOOO bad! I’ve seen a total of 2 cats in the 6 weeks we’ve lived here and one of them was big enough to have passed for a dog but other than that it is a city of puppies and I couldn’t be happier. I’m reverting back to my NYU days when my buddy Eric Gullotty and I would ignore people on the street but always be sure to stop and have conversations with their dogs. It’s getting me some very strange looks here.


  2. Had to reply again, because rather unexpectedly, I wound up going out with a bunch of people tonight to this warehouse venue on the outskirts of Prague, not knowing who was going to be playing.
    Coincedentally enough, it turned out to be The Tiger Lillies who performed two 90 minutes sets of deeply disturbing but horrendously entertaining fun!
    The minute I saw the flyer in the building, I started laughing thinking about how you’d just mentioned them. Weird!


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