Just One of Those Days

I can’t really justify my stress level right now. Today was a little bit of a tense day at work, but nothing outrageous. The house is relatively neat. Damon and I are thick as thieves. So why are my shoulders trying to crawl up around my ears? Not to mention that I’m craving either a full pound of pasta or one of those cakes in a box. Perhaps I will throw myself into the arms of Xanax.

Is it money? Our money situation could be better, but that’s not news to me.

I will just chalk it up to one of those days.

My journal world is expanding. I’m working on a Diet and Fitness editor’s blog for AOL now too:

I’m hoping to go see the New York version of The 24-Hour Plays (They don’t use the hyphen but I can’t do without it.) on Saturday night if I can scare up a companion. No definite takers so far. If I miss it I’ll have to comfort myself with our Wednesday night tickets to Streetcar starring John C. Reilly and Natasha Richardson.


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