So Close…

One more day. One more day of work and then a three-day weekend. It’s not like my job is torture. But it’s been over a month since I’ve had a weekend that didn’t see me traveling or with houseguests. Did I mention that already? I plan to leave work at 4:59 tomorrow and head home. I will then put on my pajamas and stay in them until Tuesday morning. Or maybe I’ll wear them to work. It’s possible I will do some light socializing. I think a plan to see ‘Sideways’ is in the works. And I’ll definitely make a trip to the library. Pizza Haven is not out of the question.

I’m meeting our new senior vp tomorrow. Which means I’ll wear a skirt. Which means I’ll shave my legs. Which means I’ll have to get up 10 minutes earlier. Sigh. But, I do have a really great skirt that I will enjoy wearing.


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  1. I would love to wear skirts more often…but I hate shaving my legs.
    Roan and I both have off on Monday! Maybe we’ll stay in our pj’s all day. And build a fort….


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