Planning to Plan

I’ve noticed that Damon and I are planning to plan our wedding, more than we’re actually planning it. Our conversations go like this:
D: What will we wear?
J: I don’t know. What do you want to wear?
D: Do I have to wear a tux?
J: You don’t even have to wear a suit. We could just get you some nice new linen pants and a crisp white shirt.
D: That sounds great. What will you wear?
J: Oh, who knows? Want to go the park?
D: Yeah, let me get my shoes.

So very soon we will have to actually start, you know, buying linen pants. But it’s so pretty out that the park demands our attention. We’ve got time. Small and simple buys us the luxury of screwing around a little. Monday night is our date night, maybe we’ll use part of that to make a task list or something.

I’ve heard from everyone I’ve talked to that we have to register. I guess we will, although that feels a little weird to me. Maybe we’ll register but refuse to tell where.

In other news: I met the Target dog on Friday. Or what I’m sure is one of many Target dogs. But he had the bullseye circles around his eye and he was hilarious. There was some sort of promotion on Central Park West. I stopped short of letting them take my picture with him, but I definitely played with him longer than any of the other adults around. They gave me a collar and some toys, which I saved for Scout. Damon and I both have the bug to get a dog at the same time, which is bad. Usually one of us is the voice of reason until the urge passes. But sweet little Zoe is napping in my lap as I write this and she’s the reason I always pull the plug on the dog plan.

Yesterday I went out to the Statue of Libery and to Ellis Island. The Statue is smaller than I thought. It’s on an enormous pedestal, which wasn’t visible when I’ve looked at the Statue from building tops. So I thought it was much taller. Of course it’s all relative, the thing’s still enormous. I saw Damon’s show at Ellis, which was fun and cute, which is the point. And he worked in our neighborhood and names of my family every chance he got. He also found three or four different reasons to chuck my chin or play with my hair or whatever (I was in the third row), and that, of course, delighted me.


3 responses to this post.

  1. I was just like that when planning our wedding.
    Ryan: What am I going to wear?
    Me: Who cares? Let’s get ice cream.
    Oh wait…It wasn’t like that at all.
    Ryan: What am I going to wear?
    Me: WHAT? You haven’t thought about that yet??? We need to go shopping!
    Ryan: It’s 11pm!
    Me: The internet is still open! Get over here. Log onto to Are you there??? ARE YOU THERE??? FOR THE LOVE OF GOD, CLICK FASTER!
    Yeah…that’s what it was like.


  2. I am VERY sad to see that isn’t a real site. I really wanted it to be.
    Your post made me laugh, which is always much appreciated when wedding planning is bearing down.


  3. Maybe you should register – just in case!
    Nicole and I just had dinner and were all giggly about your wedding. And Jennifer is performing the ceremony! It’s going to be beautiful!


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