Too Much Love?

Damon and I have been overwhelmed and so touched at how many people seem excited to come to our wedding. We didn’t invite that many, but were still figuring on a 3/4 acceptance rate, particularly since it’s so soon and will require travel for pretty much everyone. But it seems so far that we’re up to one decline. I’m now freaking out about where we’re going to put and how we’re going to feed everyone. The first of the pre-wedding Xanax has been consumed.

But it’s hard to actually complain that the people you love love you back enough to do whatever they need to do to get to our little wedding.

And I got some wonderful news. There’s very little that I have my heart set on for this wedding — there seem to be plenty of good options for everything we do. But I knew right away that I wanted our friend Jennifer to be the officiant. We have several friends who’ve conducted weddings, but Jennifer actually makes a practice of it. It’s deeply meaningful to her. And so since that’s the most important 10 or 15 minutes of the whole weekend, I wanted to pay real attention there. And then a mutual friend told me that Jennifer will be out of town visiting family at the time of our wedding. So that was terribly disappointing. But then the next day Jennifer called me to say, “I don’t want to be presumptuous, but I got the idea from mutual friends that you had wanted to ask me to officiate. If you do then I would be honored and thrilled and will change my plane ticket and move my plans to visit my family back one week so that I can be there with you.” I really do have the best friends anyone could ever hope for. Another friend — Nicole — sent me a note to say she’s arranged to leave work early that Friday, just in case I need her. She figures she can always just work if I don’t, but wanted to be sure she was available. Another added bonus of Jennifer’s presence is that I’ll get to meet her little baby, who will be along for the ride. I suggested that maybe I’ll wear her in a Baby Bjorn for the ceremony, just so she can be near mom. I probably won’t really do that, though.

I promise every post will not be about the wedding. But even if that’s a lie, you’ll only have about a month and a half to endure it.


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