Late Night Post

We have the pleasure of having our friends Geoff and Lisa in for the weekend. I enjoy that, but find that when there are lots of us in the house that I will do my best to out-wait everyone on bedtime so that I can steal some alone time. I can never get enough alone time.

It’s been a banner spring for me. We got engaged and this past week I finally got the promotion I’ve been rabble rousing for since January. I was the cool professional when my boss called me in. I jumped up and hugged her. And then later I hugged her again. So now I’m not just a programming manager, I’m a senior programming manager.

Wedding planning continues apace. Everything is falling into place pretty easily, which just confirms for me that we can do without the behemoth marriage industry. To my mind it adds a pleasant, organic quality to know that we haven’t been fed through that mill. That said, I’m the first one to put on my party shoes and race out the door when I get my invite to a tradtional, hoop-skirt, DJ, tux rental, roast beef buffet type of wedding and reception. Or anything in between. I’m a great lover of all ways of getting married, from the magnificent to the cringe-inspiring. Anyone getting married? I’m the happiest, hardest-working bridesmaid you’ll ever meet. I’ll even be delighted over my stupid dress that I’ll never wear again.


2 responses to this post.

  1. So your late night post was done just as I was arriving in my office. I kind of like the whole time difference thing. I get to interact on some level with my insomniac friends in the states.
    I have to say, I’ve seen you in action at at least 3 weddings that I can recall and it definitely is your milieu. It’s like you have evolved special gills that allow you to adapt to taffetta and a puff-pastry-rich environment far ahead of the weaker animals who are still complaining about their shoes and trying to figure out which line is for hot food.


  2. So good to have my talents recognized.


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