What a lovely weekend I’m having.

Yesterday I slept late and then went downtown to go wedding dress shopping with my friend Kari. I’ve been asked a time or ten whether or not I was anxious that the wedding is fewer than thirty days away and I still have nothing to wear. But I really wasn’t because I knew I’d be shopping with Kari. She always looks so chic and graceful, I knew she’s be a good luck charm. And sure enough, in thirty minutes or so we had my dress in hand and we’re off to Panna II for a celebratory Indian dinner. The dress is gorgeous. It was entirely hand-made in India. It’s a dark cream with a handkerchief hemline, beaded with flowers and vines in the same color as the dress. That’s a terrible description, but that’s the best I can do, being lazy. What’s novel to me is that the dress isn’t washable, and it can’t be dry cleaned either. All I can do is spot clean it with a little Woolite if needed. There’s also a warning attached to be sure not to spray hairspray or perfume while wearing the dress. It’s all terribly glamorous. I also picked up a super-cute floral pink bikini with a ruffle on the hips. That’s for Hawaii.

Our celebratory dinner was perfect — Panna II is one of my favorite NY restaurants and anyone who visits should ask me for directions.

After dinner we sat on Kari’s rooftop and had cider. She lives in a 50-story building, so her rooftop is waaaay up in the sky. She’s so close to the Empire State Building that it felt as though if I could just stretch my arm a little farther I could touch the spire. She’s got the best view of the city I’ve ever seen, actually. She’s just a few blocks south of ESB, so she’s got this amazing panorama that takes in the aforementioned plus the Chrysler Building, Brooklyn, the Brooklyn Bridge and several others, Soutern Manhattan, New Jersey, it goes on and on. She said I can come over and sit on her roof any time, and she might get more than she bargained for.

Today I’m hanging out in pajamas watching “Luther” and trying to recover from my disappointment that Damon ate all the berry Cheerios.


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  1. Curse that Damon and his berry Cheerio eatin’ ways!


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