I may have miscalculated how easily we can live without an air conditioner. Summer came to NY this weekend, and suddenly the apartment feels stuffy and warm. On the other hand, it’s 84 degrees out right now and this isn’t anything like Atlanta hot. What we could really use are some ceiling fans. But considering how hard i was to get the new light hung in the bedroom, I shudder to contemplate that job.


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  1. No AC? In NYC? Yikes… that’s going to be quite uncomfortable!


  2. If you’ve got the electricals already in the ceiling, adding a ceiling fan ain’t no big deal.
    If you don’t have the electricals, and your ceiling is 25 feet in the air in a loft and you have to go to Lowes and rent scaffolding which doesn’t quite make it to the ceiling so you have put a rickety ladder on TOP of wobbly scaffolding held to anything solid nearby by twine that you happen to have around, then it gets more complicated, and I just recommend being hot.


  3. We bought a very cute chandelier for our bedroom. We do have wires in the ceiling, but apparently they are “goofy.” At least that was explanation I got for why it took hours to get the light hung. So now I’m gun shy about trying to hang up something even bigger. But it’s 85 degrees today, so I might crack.


  4. It’s a fair point. But there are a few mitigating factors. The first is that we’re in a well-shaded ground floor apartment. It’s been a little stuffy in the heat, but hasn’t felt that bad to me, certainly nothing a fan wouldn’t take care of. Second is that we’re here by way of Atlanta and DC, and the heat in either of these cities puts a NYC summer to shame. We’ve hit about 85 degrees so far and been okay. I’m open to the idea that it will get much worse and I will run for Home Depot’s AC collection. But it also seems possible that I won’t.


  5. Posted by Anonymous on July 5, 2005 at 5:53 pm

    You know, I’m about a month late on this – as with every damned thing else in my life right now – but please let me donate one very handy, experienced husband to the ceiling fan adventure. Not that Damon isn’t perfectly capable of accomplishing this task, but since we also have, ahem, “funny” wiring, Rick will be WAY useful. Oh, who the hell am I kidding? I’m totally just looking to ditch the boys to some boring manly task while we go running off to play…


  6. Posted by Anonymous on July 5, 2005 at 5:54 pm

    er…that was me, Kellee, not signing my posts.


  7. If I had known that I could score a visit by buying a ceiling fan and sending up a distress call I would have one in every room by now!
    You let me know when you two are free to come down and I will take you up on that generous offer. You and I can tear up the town while Damon and Rick get all manly.


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